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Delivering Results and Customer testimonials

Pavo Labs Innovation helps all businesses not only reach but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us layout a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

This section is WIP, but we will share more soon!


Cloud Migration & Transformation

Engaged Inc.png

Engaged Inc., is a Canadian technology company focused on delivering a mobile lead-generating communication platform for use in the wedding industry. Engaged Inc. has developed two, complimenting, mobile applications that allow newly engaged brides and grooms to streamline communication with their wedding party during the wedding planning process.

As their company scales, their services need to scale with them. Pavo Labs Innovation is helping them fast-track their technology: 

  • Architecture support to define their technology strategy to respond rapidly to company changes and an increase in demand (scale). 

  • Design, develop and execute Cloud migration from local servers to AWS. 

  • Refactor the code to align to customer experience, system integration and simplification of solution. 


Learn more about their company by following the link. 


Dra Adriana Aguirre.png

Turning a New Page

Doctor Adriana Aguirre MD is a Family Practitioner in Colombia. She decided to launch her career as an independent and self-employed in 2019. Pavo Labs Innovation supported her transition to independence providing support creating her Business Plan and Digital strategy to increase her presence Online via Social Media, which is one of the best channels to increase the outreach of patients in Colombia. The scope for this project was:

  • Documenting Business Plan from mission, vision and execution.

  • Defining Branding, Logo, Color palette, amongst others for Marketing Strategy 

  • Creating Business Accounts in Social Media 

  • Defining social media strategy, including posts, types of posts, governance, promotions and communication cycle. 

  • Providing training and access to free and paid resources for social media management like promotions, posts and campaigns. 


Since going independent, Dra Adriana Aguirre has increased social media following from 100 followers to over +1600, she has a steady agenda of new and regular patients, and has collaborated with Medical Influencers and experts across the country, online and live workshops, blogs and post. 

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